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Video-1098 Buddhist Stories: "The Brahmin with a Single Robe"
Video-1101 Buddhist Stories: "A Man Named Coppertooth"
Video-1103 Buddhist Stories: "A Certain Brahmin" & “There Is No Fire Like Lust"
Video-1105 Buddhist Stories: "Husband-Honorer"
Video-1107 Buddhist Stories: "A Certain Monk"
Video-1108 Buddhist Stories: "King Pasenadi of Kosala"
Video-1109 Buddhist Stories: Great-Wealth the Treasurer’s Son
Video-1110 Buddhist Stories: "The Lotus Root"
Video-1112 The Love of a Living Master Reaches All Beings
During a brief sojourn in Hong Kong, Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously met with Association Members. At the gathering, Master stated that she was very impressed with Hong Kong’s development despite the fact that it is a small and densely populated island. Master also ..(more)
Video-1113 Turn Within to Progress Spiritually
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai discusses her recent experiences in Hong Kong, praising its people for being extremely kind and helpful. While in the region she was especially touched by a happy, contented blind person who made his living by selling items ..(more)
Video-1114 Stay in Constant Contact with the Inner Master Power
Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously visited Formosa’s (Taiwan) Taipei Center, bringing boundless joy and happiness to the Association members there! Supreme Master cheerfully talked about a variety of topics: the Formosan (Taiwanese) traditional snack, “stinky tofu”; ..(more)
Video-1150 Unification Through Heavenly Melody – A Video Conference Between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Aulacese (Vietnamese) Artists
Video-1152 The Reality of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Retreats
Video-1153 Keep the Mind Pure and Clean When Serving the Public
Video-1154 Cosmos Unification and Universal Peace through Real Unconditional Love