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M036 An Ancient Love
Introduction Verses from the past and memories of bygone years arise once again in a heart filled with love. Wistful sentiments and timeless nostalgia recalling tender moments of youth are awakened within each of us. Our affection from ..(more)
M037 Good Night Baby
Remember our infanthood when we lay in our mother’ bosom and listened to her lullabies? What happy times they were. Now we have Master Ching Hai’s songs about our Mother God’s love. Every word rings with Her blessings and loving ..(more)
M038 Talking to a Stone Buddha
Talking to a Stone Buddha Hallo, Buddha, why do you cry? In your stone heart, how much desire? Why do your tears stream down the sea? Why give your love to the pebble? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha, Why did you leave Nirvana? What is here ..(more)
M039 Love for the Homeland
Within each of us, there exists a world of nostalgic yearning for our native land. The homeland of our past is a tender voice of our hearts, resonating myriad melodious sounds that beckon us to journey back towards the blissful horizon of our ..(more)
M040 Pusu song
Joy am I and love am I Joy is mine and love is mine Py-O-Tu and Tu-O-Py* Py-O-Tu and Tu-O-Py Joy is mine, forever so Love is mine, forevermore Love is mine, forevermore Love is mine, forevermore Heavens high and seamless sky Heart like ..(more)