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00531 Quan Yin Method Is The Method Of Loving Power
We can say that Quan Yin Method is the Method of Love. Even the love of this world between a man and a woman can make us ..(more)
00544 Lecture In Prison : The Real Meaning Of Freedom
Supreme Master Ching Hai is always concerned about the inmates, she personally visited them in prison and gave lectures to male and female inmates separately. Supreme Master encourages the audience: ..(more)
00545 The Precepts, Meditation and Wisdom
When we don’t forgive ourselves, even if we have good experiences, and we go to high realms in meditation, our conscious will not accept them. It will say to you, “You are such a bad person. You ..(more)
00546_V0064 Sincerity and Determination are Essential to Knowing God
When we listen to the Dharma, read the Sutras, or learn from someone, we should pay attention with sincerity, concentration and respect in order to make judgments; if what we’re hearing or reading is correct, we’ll be able to understand it due to our sincerity and ..(more)
00547_V0065 An Enlightened Master is Essential in Pursuing Spiritual Practice
Due to the action of our conscience over many lifetimes, we accumulate negative influences in our subconscious minds, which record all of our behaviors. Thus, when we do good deeds we may become arrogant, complacent, and unable to humble ourselves enough to search for a ..(more)
00549 The Way to Find Your Inner Peace
What is the way to keep us peaceful, to lessen social or work pressure? When we are sincere and connect with our inner power, it will ..(more)
00550 The Mystery Of The Law Of Creation
Summary~ Why should we have a living Enlightened Master in order to transmit God’s power into our world? We hear that God’s power is omnipresent, —why should this power work through a ..(more)
00555 Why We Need to Receive Initiation
If we trust and admire Master very much and deeply understand Master’s teachings, do we still need to get initiated from Master? What is the huge difference between initiation and no initiation? Supreme Master Ching Hai reminds us that even if the initiates don’t believe in ..(more)
00556 Who Is Earnestly Waiting for Us
Contents~ Master told a story of the Outlaws of the Marsh and explained that Buddhas and Budhisattvas had really to go through “a thousand ..(more)
00562 To Exploit the Inner Power
We have a kind of power which is having billions of transcendental bodies. We can do it. We can dig this power out and use our billions of transcendental bodies to go to billions of places and help billons of people simultaneously. ..(more)
00563 Teach Ourselves to Become Buddha
The inner method is not to be taught with language, or taught by cheating. It can not be exchanged with the outward manners, money, bribes or feelings One should be prepared inside, and has a ..(more)
00564 Unexpected Trap
If we spiritual practitioners have a little attachment to anything in this world, then no matter how big or small that thing is, we will definitely be born again. If in that lifetime, we are still attached, then no matter what method we practice, we will have to come back ..(more)
00565 What Is The Right & Wrong Path
For example, we can’t practice asceticism. We can’t punish our body or damage it. We should be normal and take care of it. I mean we should not indulge it. This is the middle way. If we are too luxurious, then we are not in the middle way. If we are too ascetic, punishing ..(more)
00566 Finding The Source Of Life
Spiritual practice is a process of recovering all of our records life after life. We recover them all and towards the very end, we will know where the source is, where we come from and who we were in the beginning at the source. Before we started to exist, who were ..(more)
00570 The Universal Energy
Highlights: Mencius said: “I to nourish my Haoran Zhi Qi.” Then what is “Haoran Zhi Qi” (the vast, lofty Qi)? Supreme Master Qing Hai explains that this Qi is the most original loving power in the universe, the power of ..(more)