Video-1030 Now Is the Trend for Peace
Video-1030 Now Is the Trend for Peace
No. 1030
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2013.07.26-27
Place / (France)
Translation / Korean
Language / Chinese,English,Aulacese
Time (mins) / 42,54
Published date / 2017.10
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  • Summary

During this international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned that with the arrival of the Golden Age, peace is now a trend in the world, and every country should aim for peaceful advancements. She spoke of South Korea and North Korea as an example, saying that the people of both lands are Koreans so they are brothers and sisters. They should live together peacefully, and the whole world would praise their efforts and become more willing to interact with both. They could even stay under two systems but work together, exchanging economic roles and ideas so that each region would improve and develop.

Supreme Master also stated that we should always be good and peaceful together. Fighting is from the long ago Stone Age or Ice Age; it is a backward kind of action. Our world is now more civilized. "Any money going to arms and soldiers is depleting a country's economic treasure. Only by helping each other, becoming friends with each other can we stay long, relaxed and happy. The world's consciousness has risen very high now. This will contribute to peace and harmony on the planet. Any country or any race of humans that goes against this stream of change will feel very strange in their hearts, will feel disturbed, will feel unbalanced, will feel not very right," said Supreme Master, "because in their souls, they know they go against the current. Then they will feel isolated and feel agitated and feel unwell."

In Korea, vegetarianism is well known and well received now. There are currently 22 Loving Hut restaurants. Non-Association members have also opened up other vegetarian restaurants, and their business is good. The mayor of Seoul has been promoting the vegetarian diet, too. Supreme Master praised the mayor and affirmed that if all government officials became vegetarian first, they would then have more power when they tell people about it.

  1. Why did Supreme Master Ching Hai change the name of "Vietnam" to "Âu Lạc"? Supreme Master said: "The name Âu Lạc has two meanings. Âu Lạc means "âu ca lạc nghiệp," prosperity and happiness; Âu Lạc also signifies "Âu Cơ and Lạc Long Quân," who were our ancestors. So the word Âu Lạc is very good, very, very lucky. That word brings luck to the country."
  2. Master and initiates discussed the current status of vegetarian restaurants in Âu Lạc. There are more and more vegetarian restaurants of all kinds in Âu Lạc. Many people have become vegetarian. Master was very happy about this development in Âu Lạc and thanked fellow practitioners for their diligent practice. The better the practice, the more prosperous the country becomes.
  3. A fellow initiate described vegan Aulacese dishes such as Cao lầu, pickled lotus stem -- how to prepare and how to add Aulacese herbs and spices that make a mouth-watering dish!
  4. Why only simple food such as soups and fruits were provided at this gathering? Master suggested eating less for better meditation experience: "You come here to meditate, not to eat a lot. You can eat a lot at home if you want. Nobody forbids you. But here, we should feel comfortable and light for better meditation, right? Eating heavy food, you will fall asleep after a while."
  5. "Whatever it is, we'll leave it to Heaven. You just have to pray for your liberation. Pray that you are more enlightened every day to help the world and help yourselves. That's all. Don't pray for anything else."
  6. Master mentioned during the gathering: "I love to see people, I love to be in different places and working with different groups. I really do. But I must spend time more in meditation instead of traveling. Even if I'm not there, you will have the blessing and the power to progress. You all know that. But it's nice to see each other, of course. I also like to see you."