02147-1-V0846 "Stop Global Warming: Act Now" Conference
02147-1-V0846 "Stop Global Warming: Act Now" Conference
No. 02147-1-V0846
Category / Climate Change International Conferences
Event date / 2008.10.11
Place / (Thailand) Bangkok
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h12m31s
Publication No. / DVD-846
Related Video/Audio/ Video-0846 "Stop Global Warming: Act Now" Conference
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  • Summary

As a specially honored guest, Supreme Master Ching Hai answered various questions raised by the attendees of this video-conference held in October, 2008 in Thailand. The conference was attended by people from all reaches of society including distinguished scientists, scholars, government officials and media. Questions ranged from how to slow down global warming to whether there will be another planetary home for the earthly citizens should this one be destroyed. During the entire course of the conference, the Supreme Master addressed the importance and the immediate effective nature of the vegetarian diet to halt global warming. She also took the opportunity to explain in many ways, including spiritual, scientific and plain common sense, why a vegetarian diet is the primary solution to many of the world’s problems and will provide long lasting positive effects to the earthly inhabitants.

This is yet another great opportunity to observe Supreme Master Ching Hai's unique insights and knowledge on how to deal with the world’s greatest threat of all times, as well as Her boundless compassion to all beings.

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