02233A-V0877 Solutions for a Beautiful Planet(1,2,3)
02233A-V0877 Solutions for a Beautiful Planet(1,2,3)
No. 02233A-V0877
Category / International Conferences on Climate Change
Event date / 2009.08.15
Place / (Thailand) Nonthaburi
Language / English
Time (mins) / (1) 1h33m34s, (2) 1h54m09s, (3) 1h37m24s
Publication No. / DVD-877
Related Video/Audio/ Video-0877(1.2.3) Solutions for a Beautiful Planet
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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This videoconference in Thailand on August 15, 2009, gathered Thai and Aulacese(Vietnamese) experts from the environment, climate, nutrition and energy fields for a high-powered presentation and discussion. These experts explained and illustrated to the five thousand strong audience how human beings’ meat-eating habits had created the urgent situation of our planet today. They shared with the audience that the vegan diet is the best choice from the perspective of how human bodies are built, as well as human and planetary health.

Supreme Master Ching Hai, with her unique wisdom and insights, shared with everyone that 40% of the planet’s population was currently vegetarian. The entire planet’s population needs to be vegan in order to save the planet. She also patiently answered all the questions from the audience with practical advices and loving compassion.

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