02214-V0867 Save Our Earth Conference 2009(1,2,3)
02214-V0867 Save Our Earth Conference 2009(1,2,3)
No. 02214-V0867
Category / International Conferences on Climate Change
Event date / 2009.04.26
Place / (Korea) Seoul
Language / English, Korean
Time (mins) / (1) 1h54m24s, (2) 1h43m08s, (3) 1h39m44s
Publication No. / DVD-867
Related Video/Audio/ Video-0867(1.2.3) Save Our Earth Conference 2009
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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  • Summary

At this critical time of climate change, the timely event, “Save Our Earth Conference 2009”, was held in South Korea and attended by over 1700 citizens and dignitaries from various fields. Supreme Master Ching Hai was also invited to attend the conference to share her insights and perspectives about how to save the Earth from this predicament.

According to the United Nation report, “Livestock's Long Shadow”, raising animals for food is very detrimental to the ecosystem. The Supreme Master suggested this solution, “Why not just try to make a change in the opposite direction to see if things will improve. It will improve. It will be better for sure. If we walk away from violence and hatred, we will meet peace and love awaiting our destination; if all humans became vegan, it will become a paradise on Earth. We hope one day we will experience that paradise on Earth in our lifetime.”

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