02117 SOS: Stop Global Warming Seminar
02117 SOS: Stop Global Warming Seminar
No. 02117
Category / International Conferences on Climate Change
Event date / 20080727
Place / Tokyo,Japan
Language / English+Japanese
Time (mins) / 75
Publication No. / DVD-843
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The “SOS Stop Global Warming Seminar” hosted in Japan in the summer of 2008 was an international gathering of concerned dignitaries from different fields.

Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously attended through video conference and shared Her insight of the great environmental change caused by global warming.  She addressed the audience and emphasized again that we should spread the news of vegetarianism to people on earth, because that was the only thing we could immediately save the earth.
The Supreme Master also encouraged, “...Please think positive, keep doing what you can, to awaken our neighbours, and keep dreaming of a heavenly world in our lifetime and continue to the next generations to come...”


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