00304 How to Recognize Master’s Blessing
00304 How to Recognize Master’s Blessing
No. 00304
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1987.12.05
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Tainan
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 57m59s
Publication No. / Tape-CE14/"The Immediate Key of Enlightenment", Chinese version(vol. 4)
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  • Summary

The enlightened Master can manifest blessings in different ways. Some can see Master appear in one form, and some can see Hier in another; some can see the light and some can hear the sound. All of these are Master’s blessings. Not everybody can see Master’s manifestations. It depends on their spiritual practice in previous lives, or their current degree of sincerity and effort. Many conditions have to come together in order for one to  be able to see Master.

We don’t have to see Master in order to know that Master helps us. If we really pay attention every day, we will sense a kind of energy with us; we will feel secure. Whatever we do, it feels like two persons are doing it; wherever we are, we feel that someone is with us. We will not make mistakes. However, if we do, we will feel uncomfortable.


  1. In what ways do enlightened masters manifest their blessings?
  2. When Shakyamuni Buddha gave lectures, the whole world of samsara turned into a golden world. Do only enlightened Masters radiate light? Or do all spiritual practitioners radiate light as well?
  3. Zen does not depend on words. What does this mean? Why can't we find testimony in scriptures for high-realm experiences?
  4. How can we see Master's manifestations? Does an enlightened Master always remain by and constantly take care of disciples?
  5. Our fearful or apprehensive attitude is our worst enemy. How can we overcome it?
  6. Why do spiritual practitioners still get sick? Master tells the story of Master Xuan Zang falling ill.
  7. What is Master's power? How come everything would be taken care naturally if we believe in Master's power?
  8. Since there is no karma originally, why do we still need to pay off karma?
  9. Where do the people who have near-death experience go? Why do they feel so frustrated after they return?
  10. Why shouldn't we complain about our slow progress in spiritual practice? How do we know we have changed after practicing spiritually?
  11. Why do conflicts arise in some families after a member gets initiated? Why do some of us feel tired after many hours of meditation?
  12. Will practicing the out-of-body method affect our spiritual practice? Why is the Quan Yin Method the best method?
  13. Great masters do not use magical power, but under which exceptions do they use it?
  14. Why is it easier to be possessed by Maya if we practice on our own? How do enlightened Masters help us adapt to supra-worldly power in our spiritual practice?
  15. Why can't Quan Yin practitioners do sound meditation 24 hours a day, but should do light meditation as well?