Video-0549 The Mark of a Great Saint
Video-0549 The Mark of a Great Saint
No. 0549
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1996.05.15
Place / (Cambodia) Phnom Penh
Language / English
Time (mins) / 106
Published date / 2005.01
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  • Summary

Master cites the story of a great saint in teaching us that true saints, while pure and holy, are totally unaware of their own holiness and greatness. Long ago, when Master made Her first religious vow in Germany, She burned a bunch of incense sticks, all of which curled up after they were burnt. What did this imply? What was the grand vow that Master made at that time? What extraordinary people and incidents did Master encounter while practicing in the Himalayas? In this DVD Master answers these questions and also helps viewers appreciate the spiritual meaning behind the story of Shakyamuni Buddha's previous incarnation as the Golden Monkey King, who touched the heart of a worldly king through His self-sacrifice.