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Video-1007-5 What Is Heaven
1007-2 In this special gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai announced the good news that the Earth had been saved to continue for at least 58 more years, and that 99.9% of world’s population had been uplifted to at least the Third Level. How can we tell our ..(more)
Video-1008(1.2) Develop Compassion and Love Along with Spiritual Practice
Why is it that being extremely poor or exceptionally successful cannot help one reach ultimate liberation? Supreme Master Ching Hai reminds us to stay alert to “Maya’s trap” and to always develop our morals, wisdom and love. The biggest difference between Buddha and ..(more)
Video-1009(1.2)  Be Loving and Kind
1009-1 Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages fellow practitioners never to give up hope even if we cannot meditate well. We should just continue, and one day we will break through. Even if we don't break through, Master promises to always be there and help us. Master ..(more)
Video-1010(1~4) Loving The Silent Tears The Musical
Inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s profound poetry collection Silent Tears, this spectacular musical takes us on a magical train ride to 16 countries across 6 continents. We accompany Joy, a bitter, bereaved mother, and Pete, a worldly coming-of-age youth. Guided ..(more)
Video-1011(1.2) Live Up to Humans' Real Standard
In a videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares that due to Heaven’s grace, the Earth’s life has been extended millions of years. However, a screening process still continues to ensure that we live up to the real standard of a ..(more)
Video-1012(1.2) Every Peaceful Plan Will Be Done
In this special teleconference with Supreme Master Television staff, Supreme Master Ching Hai offered insightful messages as she assured of a further extension for the life of our planet. Revealing more wondrous secrets of the universe, Master described the inner ..(more)
Video-1013(1.2) Supreme Master Ching Hai's Journeys to the Higher Regions of the Cosmos
Through long and intensive meditation, Supreme Master Ching Hai has uncovered many secrets in higher Realms of the universe. Do you know the qualities of different Regions such as “Peace Stream,” “Return Spiritual Power,” “Healing Power Level,” “All Wishes Fulfilled?” ..(more)
Video-1015 Always Spread More Love
Speaking with concern for those who endure calamity, Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages our Association members to participate in disaster relief work. This not only brings love and care to the affected areas, it also makes us more compassionate and open minded. This ..(more)
Video-1016 Concentrate Only on God and Enlightenment
During this international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed that in her deep meditation, she has been able to access very powerful spiritual energies from higher levels of the universe. As this energy is brought back to Earth, it benefits our world and helps ..(more)
Video-1017 Unconditional Love is the Best
Meeting with Association members during this international retreat, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged everyone: "If you really love me, practice well. Carry the noble message in your heart and in whatever you do. And help other people, help each other in whatever way ..(more)
Video-1018 It is Always Better When We are Positive in Our Mind
Speaking with fellow initiates at this international retreat, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared the uplifting news that 65.8% of the Earth’s human population has become vegetarian. And thanks to the 19.5 billion animals in the world that are also vegetarian, the ..(more)
Video-1019 We Should Eat Less to Meditate Better
The Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly reminded that eating less helps us to meditate better. But it depends on each person; we shouldn't be too strict on ourselves. Eating raw food also helps with meditation but goes hand in hand with a balanced diet. If the body craves ..(more)
Video-1020(1.2) The Power of Vegetarianism is All Over the Planet
Vegetarianism is quickly spreading. Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged Association members as they shared great news and stories from all over the world during this international gathering. Since Master’s elevation of the Earth, Association members said that they ..(more)
Video-1021 A Sincere Heart Can Change One’s Karma
During this international gathering, Association members shared many wonderful experiences and expressed their gratitude for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s love and care. One person described a return to life after death, another spoke of messages from the inner master, ..(more)
Video-1022 Conserving the World’s Resources
Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded all international Association members to consider that everything we use belongs to the whole world and is part of the world's resources. We should be ever mindful of all the effort that has been put into whatever we use and the ..(more)