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Video-0789(1.2) The Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's books, The Noble Wilds, German and French Ed., and The Dogs in My Life, Polish Ed.
Which city has the most restaurants per capita population providing vegetarian meals? How does a small group with only five workers creatively launch a one day per week meat free campaign, which has become a fashion worldwide? What are successful examples of calling ..(more)
Video-0798 The Best Way to Communicate with Animals
Poetic and picturesque, enchanting and mesmerizing, in this loving conversation about “The Birds in My Life”, the stories of Master’s feathered friends deeply impressed everyone that trembled every soul, and melted all hearts. Apart from sharing interesting events ..(more)
Video-0805(1.2) God Created Animals to Help Humans
At the “The Dogs in My Life” book launch video conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai had a wonderful dialogue with many honored guests about interesting stories of Her beloved dogs. Of particular interest was the topic of animals’ spirituality and the divine ..(more)
Video-0825 International Best-Selling Author, Supreme Master Ching Hai for the Book Premiere of "The Noble Wilds"
In "The Noble Wilds", international best-selling author, Supreme Master Ching Hai offers us the rare privilege to visit the realm of a special consort of noble wild animals. From the beautiful quietude and love that encompasses the Amora village, to the untainted fauna ..(more)
Video-0833 Celestial Art (Part I)--Hsihu Center
The Supreme Master Ching Hai has been spreading the Quan Yin Method for over two decades now. The Hsihu Center in Formosa (Taiwan) has therefore developed into a sacred place for spiritual practice that is serene and beautiful. With heavenly inspiration, the Supreme ..(more)
Video-0834 Celestial Art (Part II) –– Heavenly Beauty
“Everything I do is inspired from Heaven. I don't think that I, as a mortal, am capable of creating such beautiful things.They’re just inspired from Heaven.So we call them ‘the Celestial Collection of Beauty’." ~Supreme Master Ching Hai Spiritual teacher, ..(more)
Video-0838(1.2) Heart-Touch Tour of the Supreme Master Ching Hai: Eden on Earth Arts Gallery Exhibition
Featuring photographs taken by Supreme Master Ching Hai during the compilation of her international best-selling book, “The Noble Wilds”, this video/audio was filmed at the Eden on Earth Arts Gallery Exhibition as a part of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s “Heart-Touch ..(more)
Video-0844(1.2) Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai: Premiere of "The Birds in My Life" (Aulacese & German Edition)
“The Birds in My Life” is Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 bestselling book worldwide, which was recently translated into Aulacese (Vietnamese), German, and French. During the book release conference, the Author kindly answered questions, saying, “The animals that come ..(more)
Video-0851 Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Celestial Art” Book Premiere (Chinese Edition)
Through the many years of inner contemplation and spiritual awakening, the Supreme Master Ching Hai has blessed this world with an array of creative expression. From heavenly inspiration, she has been effortlessly and playfully guided through each brush stroke and ..(more)
Video-0852(1.2) Video Conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai Premiere of the English Edition of "Celestial Art"
Attendees at the conference for the worldwide release of the English version of Celestial Art, held in Los Angeles USA, were greeted and entertained by an abundance of varying artistic creations. An immense joy, love, peace and serenity radiated from the “Celestial ..(more)
Video-0883(1.2) The Book Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's "The Dogs in My Life" and "The Noble Wilds" (Aulacese Editions)
To awaken people’s love for all beings, two publications of the Supreme Master Ching Hai, The Dogs in My Life and The Noble Wilds, both the Aulacese version have been published in Thailand. The Supreme Master told us that she often teaches her ten dogs the concept of ..(more)
Video-0898 The Book Premiere of Supreme Master Ching Hai's "The Dogs in My Life", Spanish Edition
This event celebrates the Spanish edition of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book, which received numerous congratulatory letters from many dignitaries, citing they are touched by her love to the canine friends. She reminds us that we humans have great love, wisdom and ..(more)
Video-0950(1.2) Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Book Premiere: The Love of Centuries, Mongolian Edition
Supreme Master Ching Hai's book premiere for the Mongolian edition of “The Love of Centuries” coincided with the 2011 Earth Day, lending a special meaning to both auspicious events. Mongolian scholars, scientists and dignitaries shared with participants from ..(more)
Video-0968 Supreme Master Ching Hai's Book Premiere: The Love of Centuries, Chinese Edition & Videoconference with Ms. Hsiu-Lien Lu, 10th & 11th term Vice President of Formosa (Taiwan)
On 2011 New Year's Day, The Love of Centuries, Chinese Edition’s book release was held in Formosa (Taiwan). Supreme Master Ching Hai shared her understanding of love via live videoconference: “A romantic quality signifies the highest love, the most original love ..(more)
Video-SunTV(1,28,29) Art and Spirituality
Sun TV01 A Brief Biography of the Supreme Master Ching Hai Sun TV28 Exhibition of Body, Mind & Spirit Art Creation Date: 2003 Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall Sun TV29 The Way to ..(more)