Video-0674 Walking In Love and Laughter
Video-0674 Walking In Love and Laughter
No. 0674
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1999.11.29,1999.11.30 (1999.11.28~ 1999.11.30)
Place / (South Africa) Cape Town
Language / English
Time (mins) / 117
Published date / 2002.04
Updated date / 2018.09
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture:
We can make Heaven on earth all the time. People really don’t know that. Yes, really, Heaven is here anytime, anytime we want. And we can be in Heaven all the time.

It’s getting better and better every time and at every retreat. Isn’t that true? Yes, do you feel it? So you see, not only are we better, the whole population is becoming better, and the whole planetary atmosphere is becoming better. It really works. Thank God. Please don’t forget to thank God Almighty, to thank all the Masters of the past and present who have sacrificed so much, who have loved us so much since the beginning of time and have blessed us immensely, continuously, so that we can always walk peacefully and courageously, in whichever way we have chosen for ourselves. Blessed be all these noble beings here and in other worlds. We will always be grateful in our hearts. Please remember that the more we’re grateful, the more we’ll be blessed. The more we remember their loving kindness, the more we’ll also be endowed with loving kindness. The more we’re thankful for the peace they’ve bestowed upon this plant and upon our path, the more peace we’ll realize, the more blessing and the more bliss. Everything better and better will come our way, even on this physical planet, even in this difficult situation of the globe. We’ll always walk in peace and protection. And we’ll know that. We’ll feel that. We’ll definitely realize that every minute of our day. And that’s what I do.


Doesn't matter in spiritual or worldly work, smile is always a key to success. When you smile you convince yourself that you are happy. You could infect people with your depressing mood. No matter how hard you work, always try to smile; because if you cry or if you frown, it's still the same.

When you are happy, things go smooth. When you calm your mind, you know exactly what to do in any situation, or know the alternatives. Only when we are tense, when we are stressed out, then we could not take care of our daily affair and daily needs. Otherwise, when we're happy, everything is smooth.
  1. It takes 73 muscles to frown, but only a few muscles to smile. So, no matter how hard your work is, always smile!
  2. What has sunlight to do with people's personality? Which are the countries with happier and more contented people?
  3. What does Master mean when she tells the disciples participating in the preaching work, "this is your blessing that you are working"?
  4. How can one regain the simple mind that one used to have before? Is there a way?
  5. If one must learn new things and technology constantly because of work, should one consider changing to a new job not having to use the brain so much?
  6. In higher dimensions, things always happen at the same time, but they never coincide with each other. How does the Master transcend the differences between time and space?
  7. When other fellow practitioners gives us advice in Master's name, must we listen blindly? Or shall we use our wisdom to differentiate?
  8. Love must come naturally, but why we can first try the method of "pretending that we have love"?
  9. What is the secret of making everything goes smooth?
  10. Why should we be always grateful in our hearts?