Video-0407 World Spiritual Leadership Award Ceremony and the February 22 Supreme Master Ching Hai Day
Video-0407 World Spiritual Leadership Award Ceremony and the February 22 Supreme Master Ching Hai Day
No. 0407
Event date / 1994.02.22
Place / (U.S.A.) Chicago
Language / Aulacese,English
Time (mins) / 26,36,24,20,18,29
Published date / 2019.02
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  • Summary

In 1993, record floods swept through the six American states. Out of compassion for the people’s suffering, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent a relief team from our Association and lovingly contributed US$170,000 in humanitarian aid. The following year, on February 22, 1994, the governments of six American states and the World Cultural Communication Association hosted a splendid gala in Chicago, Illinois to thank and recognize Supreme Master Ching Hai for her immense kindness. The award ceremony included the presentation of the World Spiritual Leadership Award, the unveiling of five bronze statues of the Honoree, speeches of gratitude by the representatives of each US state, and the official proclamation of February 22 as Supreme Master Ching Hai Day.

This is a new thing, not in the program. She is the most famous soprano in the world. The highest pitch. And the pianist especially came to accompany her. Thank you. I heard that you are very kind to come especially. With short notice. Thank you. See Hildegard is supposed to have a recording in Munich. She's supposed to leave here in the morning, but she especially stayed with us to sing for you. So. I think she is number one in the world, soprano. That's what is proclaimed by the newspapers all over the world.

“Seas of starlight. Thru the open eye. Sacred songs. From the empty space inside.” ”I have loved You long before there was time.” “Nothing to do. Nothing to be. Nothing to know.” “Silent sounds. Seeing without eyes.” The last sentence is kind of inner meditative experiences. It’s seeing without eyes and hearing without ears. Only when we experience that with our inner awareness. Then we understand what she talks about.

After the official ceremony, a cultural entertainment program by our Association members was presented for the 2000 guests, who then requested with warm applause for Supreme Master Ching Hai to sing some of Her own composition. Ever gracious and delightful throughout the proceedings, Supreme Master Ching Hai obliged, and the evening culminated in an exuberant and uplifting celebration of love. At the end of the evening, Supreme Master Ching Hai caringly contributed an additional US$450,000 to the six states to further assist in their flood recovery efforts.