Video-1013(1.2) Master's Journeys to The Higher Regions of The Cosmos
Video-1013(1.2) Master's Journeys to The Higher Regions of The Cosmos
Category / Video Conference
Event date / 2013.06.16
Place / (USA) Los Angeles, CA
Language / English
Time (mins) / 71,61
Published date / 2014.06
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  • Summary

Through long and intensive meditation, Supreme Master Ching Hai has uncovered many secrets in higher Realms of the universe. Do you know the qualities of different Regions such as “Peace Stream,” “Return Spiritual Power,” “Healing Power Level,” “All Wishes Fulfilled?” How can these Realms assist a living Master? What kind of spiritual practitioner can have a glimpse of their secrets?

Supreme Master also revealed that the Earth is full of blessing power at this time. As long as humans are willing to make different choices, they will soon be able to turn to the compassionate lifestyle and create a vegan planet for all.

She further encouraged initiates to cherish their blessings, practice diligently, reach for nobler goals, and behave and think in more virtuous, holy, selfless ways, so that they could realize the real Sainthood that would truly benefit others.