Video-1119 Liberation from a System of Rigid Interplanetary Control
Video-1119 Liberation from a System of Rigid Interplanetary Control
No. 1119
Category / 2017 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2017.07.23
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Hsihu
Language / English
Time (mins) / 47,39
Published date / 2017.08
Updated date / 2017.10.12
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When the Earth was first created, how did lives come about? According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, human beings evolved from monkeys. Is this really the origin of human beings? Why are the DNAs of humans and apes so similar?

Among all the physical beings, humans are the most beautiful and the most complete. They have intelligence, creative powers and the delicate nervous system. Then, who actually created this kind of human beings?

The Supreme Master Ching Hai for the first time reveals that the Earth is actually the exile of some high-technology planets. Humans were exiled here and are under tight control. Since then our souls are being imprisoned here life after life!

A person who can invent high technology or super-computers does not mean he is spiritually enlightened. The same applies to the high-technology planets. Then, what exactly are these planets? How can they control human beings? How can humans break through this tight interplanetary control to get the real freedom and liberation?

  1. In the beginning, the rulers and inhabitants of the Earth were invisible beings. They could fly freely and had magical powers. How did they determine what types of living things the Earth would have? What is the surprising reason dinosaurs became extinct?
  2. Why does Supreme Master say that some of the species on Earth are irreplaceable. Once they are gone, they will be forever extinct. The Earth’s biodiversity is now decreasing very rapidly. We must try our best to take care of the environment and all the beings on Earth!
  3. Why do some people have memories of their previous lives? Is there really “Mengpo Soup” or “memory-erasing soup”?
  4. The Earth is being controlled by an extreme force, a dictatorship kind of system from the high-tech planets. The so-called “Maya” or “devil powers” are not really devil powers, they are only a kind of technique, mind power or control power. Even the so-called magical power is also a kind of high level technology.
  5. Why are there people having magical powers? Why does Supreme Master strongly advise us not to learn any kinds of magical power and not to use the magical powers even they have been awakened? What are the consequences of using magical powers? What does it mean to “be possessed”?
  6. How different are the powers of an enlightened master from magical powers? Why all the masters who come down to this world have to suffer and even die young?
  7. Why is the length of lives of humans on this planet limited? Can our souls be liberated from this physical planet after death?
  8. Why are most of us being imprisoned in this physical world? What kinds of people are able to come in and out freely? Supreme Master has mentioned that the high-tech planets had set up a system similar to the radar system around the Earth a few thousand years ago. What is this system? How can humans break through this imprisonment system?
  9. On this planet, we have to keep the rules, such as, not to harm others (including not to kill), not to steal, not to tell lies, not to commit sexual misconducts, not to take intoxicants. As long as we keep these rules, Maya will not notice us too much. Maya only punishes those who do not keep the rules.
  10. Supreme Master emphasizes: Once you are initiated, your soul is free and you are a free being. However, we need to make sure we adhere to the guidance and meditate as much as we can.
  11. Why do people in this world bicker with each other, backstab others for their own benefits and even make war and kill each other?
  12. Why do people on Earth always feel frustrated and unhappy? Humans came from a higher society and they were free-thinking people. In their homeland planet, some were high-tech inventors, scientists, healers or engineers. But they were exiled here because they had made some mistakes. They then lost their memories, forgetting all their previous talents and freedoms and how glorious they were before coming down here. However, in some remote corner of their minds, they feel something which is not right about themselves in this environment and that is why they feel very frustrated. Whenever we feel frustrated, it means those memories have been awakened.
  13. Only through a living master’s direct implementation, communication and awakening from inside can the human beings on Earth be liberated to a better place --- a spiritual world which is enlightened, free, compassionate and merciful.