Video-0893 Act Like Our True Great Self
Video-0893 Act Like Our True Great Self
No. 0893
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 2009.09.26,2009.10.11
Place / (France)
Language / English,Chinese
Time (mins) / 93
Published date / 2010.11
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  • Summary

As Association members give their brief descriptions of the many activities being done around the world to halt climate change, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares her point of view on the most effective way to protect ourselves from diseases and help the others at the same time.

She says, “As we turn our head toward righteousness and compassion now, so that’s where we are heading. So the suffering, the trouble is behind us; it’s in the other direction.” Master reminds us to behave in a more noble fashion that would reflect our true qualities—love, compassion, and greatness.

When asked about how to nurture the good energy within us in order to better serve the others, the Supreme Master mentioned, “We should change our concept. We should focus on the meditation. We must meditate and let go of all unimportant things.”

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