Video-0837(1.2) 2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do?
Video-0837(1.2) 2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do?
No. 837
Category / Video Conference
Event date / 2008.06.29
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / English,Chinese
Time (mins) / 80,91
Published date / 2009.06
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The“2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do?” seminar took place during the summer in Taipei, Formosa (Taiwan). Hosting the event, the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association invited legislators and representatives from the government, as well as from other sectors of society to address the attitudes and actions needed when faced with global warming. It was voiced that all governments should lead the people in the fight against global warming with determination and practical strategies. The honored guest, Supreme Master Ching Hai, brought forth new clarity to this issue and repeatedly emphasized that the vegan diet can help human beings stop global warming up to 80%. She also revealed one important message for humankind’s survival—Love. “We can have this dream come true if all humans turn back to their inherent nature. We are love. We are compassion. We are gods personified on this planet. We are the Buddha.”

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