Video-0676 Parliament of the World's Religions
Video-0676 Parliament of the World's Religions
No. 0676
Category / other
Event date / 1999.12.01,1999.12.02
Place / (South Africa) Cape Town
Language / English
Time (mins) / 98
Published date / 2002.02
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture:

I prayed to God before I even came here, for your land and for the world, as always. I told Hirm: "Father, You know everything. You grant our wishes before we even make them. And whatever You arrange for us should be the best for our spiritual development. It doesn't matter how bleak it looks at the moment, Your will is supreme, Your will is always the wisest, the best, and the most compassionate in the end. And pray let us know this, pray let us never forget that Your will is always the most loving in the highest sense of the universal Truth. We also thank You for giving us the chance to be here today in this beautiful city, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and to see all these beautiful, pure, simple-hearted people. It is our honor in many lifetimes to have such an opportunity, because we have come here by Your will, we live here by Your will, and we shall go back to You by Your will. But we don't have many chances to see each other physically. Because even though this physical world is a grand illusion of Your creation, it is still very beautiful to us, it is our home. And in this sense, we also dedicate to You today, if You wish, that the people of this land or in any land have the home that they wish to have, have a peaceful life with all dignity as God’s children, as You shall will it.