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00006 The Supra-Worldly Therapy
Supreme Master Ching Hai arrived in the beautiful city Budapest, Hungary, to tell the public that the purpose of the soul coming into this world is to find God, and nothing else will make it happy until it finds God again. But when we are in this physical world and ..(more)
00008 Liberation in One Lifetime
Highlights It is recorded in the Surangama Sutra that Shakyamuni Buddha, Manjusri Bodhisattva and Quan Yin Bodhisattva unanimously proclaimed the Quan Yin Method to be the ultimate method for attaining liberation, and also the speediest and safest ..(more)
00019 Meditation Is Food for The Soul
People are always unknowingly bound in the midst of worldly grievance and fate together with their loved ones. How can we be aware of this short-lived ephemeral love life, so as to seek the way of eternal Love? The Great king Alexander was one ..(more)
00052 The Meaning of The Three Treasure of Buddhism: the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha
What is it like to be enlightened? Through reading the scriptures, we get to know what kind of experiences an enlightened person may have. So if we have the same kind of experience, then we are enlightened too. As I mentioned just now, according to what Buddha ..(more)
00053 How to recite Buddha’s name effectively
Regardless if we aspire to practice spiritually or not, we should not kill sentient beings. We should have compassion! This is the most important thing. It’s useless to seek spiritual practice without perfecting our moral virtues. We should practice both. ..(more)
00057 The Invisible Work of a Master
What are the different works an Enlightened Master’s physical body and transcendental body each do? Is physical pain related to one’s karma? Who is the devil or Maya?He is also a sentient being! How do Enlightened Masters resolve their disciples’ karma and make ..(more)
00061 The Sacred Relationship Between Master and Disciples
What is the divine relationship between a Master and His disciples? The great Masters are the manifestations of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. They are very compassionate. However, they have limited power in this world. They are not and cannot reveal who they are and what ..(more)
00062 There is Essentially No Sin
Highlights This is a compilation of Master's brilliant discourses from the early years before She began preaching publicly in Formosa. In it She answers the following questions. Why does Master say that whether good or ..(more)
The kind of life we will lead has already been arranged. This is due to fixed karma. There is another kind of karma that is stored and will cause something to happen when conditions are right. After initiation, the enlightened Master erases the karma that we had ..(more)
00077 The Virtuous Atmosphere of Spiritual Practitioners
Splendid Content~ Master shared her story of getting along with wild life in Germany. In responding to her virtuous atmosphere from being vegetarian, her garden was like a zoo. Master also told her experience ..(more)
00081 Master’s Explanation on the Diamond Sutra
Introduction~ What is the Diamond Sutra mainly about? What is Six Perfections? What is "emptiness"? In this lecture, Supreme Master Ching Hai explains to the public the Diamond Sutra. ..(more)
The Himalayas are well-known as an area for spiritual practice. The weather is very cold there. There are many Gurus in India, so you can see their footprints everywhere. But it's very difficult to find them. Some spiritual practitioners dig an ice cave and live inside ..(more)
We are great beings, not weak ones. Humans have the greatest status and can do anything. We can accomplish as much as we believe we can. Buddha said all beings are the same as Buddha. That is, beings have the same amount of merits, but they are unable to use them ..(more)
Pratyeka Buddha means the dharma is gained through one's own enlightenment, so there is not too much power in it, but at the most only for self enlightenment, or for passing the enlightenment to a couple of other people. The enlightenment comes from the incidental ..(more)
Vegetables also have consciousness, but that consciousness is very, very little. Humans have the highest consciousness. The next is big animals, and then smaller ones. Therefore, killing humans are the biggest crime. The greater consciousness of beings you kill, the ..(more)