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In light of the urgent situation of climate change, is there an effective way to immediately curb global warming? During the SOS International Conference on Global Warming held in Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized once again, “The vegetarian diet. It’s the ..(more)
02109 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do?
Highlights The“2008 Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do?” seminar took place during the summer in Taipei County, Formosa. Hosting the event, the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association invited ..(more)
During these two videoconferences with Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized on the importance of adopting a virtuous way of life by being vegetarian, going green and doing good deeds. She said, if we do not take care of our moral standards and live ..(more)
What caused global warming to go unnoticed by humans? Why hasn’t this change of nature had enough attention paid to it? Supreme Master Ching Hai points out how to bring greater comfort and sustainability to our planet. How much people can receive depends on how they ..(more)
02117 SOS: Stop Global Warming Seminar
Highlights The “SOS Stop Global Warming Seminar” hosted in Japan in the summer of 2008 was an international gathering of concerned dignitaries from different fields. Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously attended through ..(more)
How can one achieve more in life, meditation and work without food, or at least by eating lighter and more simply? Under what circumstances can one cease eating food? In the videoconference with our Association members in Auckland, New Zealand, Supreme Master Ching ..(more)
As a specially honored guest, Supreme Master Ching Hai answered various questions raised by the attendees of this video-conference held in October, 2008 in Thailand. The conference was attended by people from all reaches of society including distinguished scientists, ..(more)
Taking place at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in January 2009, hear from the world’s leading experts, dignitaries, organizational leaders and concerned citizens on our urgent global warming issues. In this video/audio you can witness the full question and answer session held ..(more)
Held in Xalapa City, Mexico, this festive international conference features some very moving messages from prominent public figures from Mexico, Formosa (Taiwan), Philippines and the United Kingdom. All the speakers supported the green efforts of Supreme Master Ching ..(more)
At this critical time of climate change, the timely event, “Save Our Earth Conference 2009”, was held in South Korea and attended by over 1700 citizens and dignitaries from various fields. Supreme Master Ching Hai was also invited to attend the conference to share her ..(more)
On May 9th, 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited to attend the videoconference on global warming entitled “Be Organic Vegan to Save the World.” During the conference, the Supreme Master pointed out that the oceans play a major role in regulating the global ..(more)
02217 Let's Make the Change - Protect the Environment
Highlights In message to a climate conference in Veracruz, Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized the urgency of climate change stating, “Our current course of climate change is worse than the worst case scenario projected by the ..(more)
Under the efforts of Go Vegan Radio host Bob Linden, summer solstice was designated as “Vegan Earth Day” with the goal of raising public awareness of the vegan diet and encouraging people to join the rank of saving the Earth and protecting animals. On this first ..(more)
This videoconference in Thailand on August 15, 2009, gathered Thai and Aulacese(Vietnamese) experts from the environment, climate, nutrition and energy fields for a high-powered presentation and discussion. These experts explained and illustrated to the five thousand ..(more)
Peru owns 70% of the tropical glaciers of the world and is famous for its diverse geographical features. However, global warming is causing the glaciers to melt rapidly with huge impacts on the environment. On Sep 12, 2009, the video conference, “Global Warming: ..(more)