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Do you want to know the special reason why Shakyamuni Buddha gave the sermon of the Shurangama Sutra? Is the Surangama Sutra related to Ananda? To find out, listen to Supreme Master Ching Hai talking about the origin of Buddha’s preaching of the Surangama Sutra. The ..(more)
00234 Surangama Sutra Volume 1– Buddha Told Ananda - All Stayed In Their Places and Listened Attentively With Closed Palms
Ananda was Buddha’s attendant and was pre-eminent in hearing Dharma, but why was he still lacking in wisdom and weak in will power and nearly got lured to break the precepts? What did he ask from Shakyamuni Buddha mercifully teach him? Buddha accepted his request and ..(more)
00235 Surangama Sutra Volume 9–Ten Kinds of Illusory Obstacles Created By Phenomena
In Surangama Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha mentioned to Ananda 10 kinds of illusory obstacles created by phenomena during the process of spiritual practice. Do you know what the 10 kinds of illusory obstacles created by phenomena are? Buddha told Ananda: many people would ..(more)
There are many Maya traps on the path of spiritual practice. Supreme Master Ching Hai reminds us that when we practice to a certain degree, we will feel the mind is like a mirror that can reflect anything. We feel we seem to have got something, but cannot make use of it. ..(more)
Where do the ten kinds of illusory demons mentioned in Surangama Sutra come from? Shakyamuni Buddha said that all illusory demons are created by our illusions; therefore, he reminded his disciples to be careful in their spiritual practice and to clear all dark spots in their ..(more)
Why is the relationship between gender and sexuality the root cause of the birth-and-death cycle? Supreme Master Ching Hai explains that without the desire for sexual relations there would be no birth and death, and nothing would be created, which would not be to the ..(more)
00242 The Story of the First Zen Patriarch -- Mahakasyapa
Supreme Master tells a story of the first Zen Patriarch Mahakasyapa, one of the ten great disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha. Without him compiling and organizing the scriptures, there would be no Buddhism today, and we would not know who Shakyamuni were. We should be grateful to ..(more)
00244 The Story of the Second Zen Patriarch -- Ananda
Do you want to know what best-kept secret Ananda had, and why Sakyamuni Buddhasaid "none of the attendants of past and future Buddhas can outperform Ananda"? Ananda was the best attendant with multiple incredible qualities. He vowed to deliver sentient beings, serve ..(more)
00245 Story of the Third Zen Patriarch -- Sanakavasa
Do you want to know the whole story of the third Zen patriarch - Sanakavasa’s spiritual practice in the Himalayas? How did he, having attained magic powers through practicing heavenly Dharma, switch to practice the correct Dharma of Sakyamuni Buddha? And how did Ananda ..(more)
00246 Story of the Fourth Zen Patriarch--Upagupta
Highlights: The fourth Zen patriarch Upagupta was born in the sudras, the lowest social classamong four classes in India’s caste system, but during his childhood, he was ..(more)
00248 Story of the Sixth Zen Patriarch--Mikkaka
The sixth Zen Patriarch Mikkaka was born in central India. He became a monk after following the fifth Zen Patriarch Dhrtaka and attained the Great Dharma of Eye Treasury Method from the fifth Zen Patriarch. He met his future successor in his seniority and went to Nirvana after ..(more)
00249-1 Story of the Seventh and Eighth Zen Patriarches—Vasumitra and Buddhanandi
Vasumitra, the Seventh Zen Patriarch, originally had been running around with a wine gourd in his hand, but he was awakened by the Sixth Zen Patriarch Mikkaka who told a gatha by Shakyamuni Buddha Giving Life Marks, and remembered his previous lives, therefore, he took an oath ..(more)
00249-2  Story of the Ninth and Tenth Zen Patriarchs –Buddhamitra and Parsvika
Do you want to know why the Ninth Zen Patriarch hadn’t even walked a step or spoken a word until he was 50 years old, and why the Tenth Zen Patriarch had to wait for 60 years in his mother’s womb until he was born? Please listen to the interesting story of the Ninth and Tenth ..(more)
00250 The Story of the Eleventh Zen Patriarch--Punyayasas
Highlights: The Eleventh Zen Patriarch Punyayasas was quiet in nature since he was a child and bore the manner of a great spiritual practitioner. How did he get the ..(more)
00251 The Story of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Zen Patriarchs--Bodhisattva Asvaghosa and Kapimala
The twelfth patriarch Bodhisattva Asvaghosa was born at the end of the fifth century after Shakyamuni Buddha went into Nirvana. He had been a debater before becoming a monk. After getting initiated from the eleventh Patriarch, he was able to break all heretical ideas and ..(more)