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On this cheerful Sunday, Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages us to fulfill our daily duties and try our best to help others with her own experiences and inspiring Buddhist stories. Master says the secret for a successful endeavor is to do things without ego or any ..(more)
01926-V0735 The Courage To Change
In the winter of 2001, the Supreme Master Ching Hai celebrated the Christmas holidays at the Florida Center with fellow initiates from all over the world. Master brought Her beautiful birds with Her to meet the initiates, showing us that animals are very loving ..(more)
01931-V0747 Children of the Dragon and Fairy
Excerpt from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: "... Au Lac is a good name indeed. "Au Co Lac Nghiep." Au Co (the fairy) and Lac Long Quan (the dragon) are our ancestors. It means we are the children of the fairy and the ..(more)
02020-V0988 The Palace of God
This body is the Lord’s temple where the jewel of knowledge is revealed. Supreme Master Ching Hai quotes Guru Nanak‘s teaching to remind us, “The way to the palace of Light is through the human body, the mosque of the living God…” We need the ..(more)
02062 Laughter is Good for You
Laughter has many benefits. It helps not only mentally in elevating mood and reducing stress, but also physically in lowering blood pressure, preventing heart disease and boosting immune system. A hearty laugh is even equivalent to a small amount of ..(more)
02064 God's Will is Done Through the Master
Experience this wonderful time of learning and laughter with Supreme Master Ching Hai in this entitled," God's Will is Done Through the Master." Once again, Her loving and wise voice fills our ears with Heavenly teachings while at the same time ..(more)
02081 The Infinite Blessings of Meditation
Highlights In this loving lecture given on Ching Hai’s Day, the Supreme Master Ching Hai expounded the benefits of meditation in daily life. Meditation not only helps you, but also everyone around you – in your area, village, ..(more)
02084-1 Food For The Soul
Many centuries ago, a great and saintly Quan Yin practitioner from Persia known as Rumi helped to enlighten people throughout the ages with his devotional poetry. He speaks of a love beyond this physical existence; it awaits us, whenever we ..(more)
02084-2 The Heart Of Renunciation
Master lovingly narrated some stories from the Far East, illustrating that the true renunciation is within the heart. In one of the stories, Sukhdev was born as a sage and practiced asceticism, yet he still had to request initiation from a ..(more)
02085 Heaven's Loving Support
In order to teach humankind a nobler way of life, a Great Master's life sometimes mirrors worldly living. However, appearing like the ordinary and living alongside the people have a different purpose: To teach the masses through a shining ..(more)
02093 An Enlightened Master's All-Encompassing Dedication
Supreme Master Ching Hai shared Her joke collection with initiates, and interestingly compared the similarities and differences between the position of “President” and “Supreme Master.” Master cleverly played with words and Her witty humor ..(more)
02096 Create a Beautiful and Virtuous World Together
Highlights~ At this critical moment of our planet Earth, fellow initiates shared with Supreme Master Ching Hai all kinds of activities and services carried out by our centers around the world. Through God’s blessings and efforts ..(more)
02097-1 Laughing with Enlightenment
Highlights~ Supreme Master Ching Hai delights us once again with an abundance of hilarious jokes. Jokes serve the purpose of bringing us happiness and laughter, and at the same time reveal to us the common difficulties in our ..(more)
02098-2 Laugh Your Way to Heaven
Highlights~ Supreme Master Ching Hai talks about a variety of topics with much humor and laughter. For example, on the theme of gender, She jokes, “In the world, 1/4 of the population look like women but they are not women ..(more)
02098-3 Live in Joy
Highlights~ Supreme Master Ching Hai delicately chooses many jokes as gifts of joy for this mundane world. For example, a lion asks every animal he meets, “who is the strongest in the woods?” and gets a surprising answer from an ..(more)