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In the summer of 2002, a great blessing was bestowed to the world through the ever expanding internet as Supreme Master Ching Hai blessed meditation centers around the world with divine question and answer periods via internet conferences. With ..(more)
01934 Elevating the World with Spiritual Practice
Due to God’s grace and the highly developed modern technology, fellow initiates from all corners of the world have the good fortune to chat with Master face to face through the internet, discussing varies topics related to spiritual practice. We ..(more)
01934B-V0746 Our Loved Ones Go to Heaven
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: There is no such binding affections in the higher realms. There's only an overwhelming love. It's a love for everyone, including our families and ourselves. If your parents have risen above the astral level, then ..(more)
01935 The Beginning of Humility
During the e-conference, Master lovingly reminds and encourages a fellow practitioner who has much concern about ego by saying “It's good news that you have realized you have some subtle ego. That is a beautiful start. … Yeah, every time you see that you do ..(more)
01938 Love For All Beings
Highlights Animals can teach us a lot. They are very intelligent beings with highly developed emotion, intellect and spirit. They are simple and humble, so we need to be more sensitive to understand their emotional, mental and spiritual ..(more)
This video/audio covers two of Master's video conferences with disciples. She kindly answers fellow initiates' questions on spiritual practice. How can one control his/her mind and overcome obstacles on the spiritual path? How can we avoid unpleasant interactions with ..(more)
Aulacese(Vietnamese) initiates hold a strong faith and diligently keep up their spiritual practice they have experienced wonderful inner and outer upliftments and developed artistic talents in writing poems and songs dedicated to God. Even though they are apart from ..(more)
01941-V0763 Self-Discipline in Spiritual Practice
Everyone has difficulties in this world because of their karmic debt to one another. Fortunately, the Supreme Master Ching Hai is here to show us the way back home and to help us by shouldering our karma so that we may walk easier on the spiritual path. The love and ..(more)
02063-2c The Best Way of Communicate with Animals
The book The Birds in My Life is as beautiful as poetries and paintings that are intoxicating. The stories of the birds have been deep rooted in everyone’s mind, stirred their souls and softened their heart. Master shared the fun incidents of Her birds, which made all the ..(more)
02082-1 God Created Animals to Help Humans
Highlights At the “The Dogs in My Life” book launch video conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai had a wonderful dialogue with many honored guests about interesting stories of Her beloved dogs. Of particular interest was the topic ..(more)
02101 International Best-Selling Author, Supreme Master Ching Hai for the Book Premiere of "The Noble Wilds"
Highlights~ In "The Noble Wilds", international best-selling author, Supreme Master Ching Hai offers us the rare privilege to visit the realm of a special consort of noble wild animals. From the beautiful quietude and love that ..(more)
02107 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment:  Part 1- Eden on Earth through Vegetarianism  Part 2- Spreading the Vegetarian Solution
Highlights~ During a teleconference with the London Center, Supreme Master Ching Hai described Eden on Earth if the entire planet became vegetarian: “Good effects will be felt in 60 days. There will be a sudden peace and ..(more)
02108 Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: Vegetarianism is the Solution to Save the World
Highlights~ Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture: “According to the UN report and scientific evidence, CO2 is not even the most lethal. It's not even the most deadly of all the pollution. I'll give you some ..(more)
In response to the deep concern that Aulacese Association members have for global warming, Supreme Master Ching Hai generously agreed to have a video conference on this important topic. She encouraged the attendees to diligently spread the information regarding global ..(more)
The global warming crisis is now urgently requiring immediate action. Supreme Master Ching Hai mentions in this videoconference that the climate change could accelerate to the point of no return, “Unless people change to a more benevolent lifestyle that is respecting ..(more)