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01250-V0327 What Makes a Country Great
Just exactly what makes a country in a higher consciousness than another country? First, the government must be wise; they let other good influences come to their land, and they’re willing to learn and to sacrifice for the people. They show the people an ..(more)
01251_V0328 Surrendering to God's Will Is Freedom
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: Well, we thought after enlightenment we become free, we can do what we want and, very freely decide what we do in our life! Yes, we are free, very much free, because we don't take any more responsibility upon our ..(more)
01256-V0332 Being One With God is Doing Without Doing
Q: Thank You for this experience. You spoke of no longer being the doer. Master, please expand upon this. M: It's very difficult to explain to you, but this comes through experiences. It has two levels of understanding; first through meditation experience, ..(more)
01259-V0334 Seek You First The Kingdom Of God
What is initiation? What is the difference between a so-called saint and an ordinary person? What is the greatest obstacle in achieving enlightenment? In a lecture by Supreme Master Ching Hai in Sydney, Australia in 1993, Master imparts her wisdom on the esoteric ..(more)
01262-V0336 You are the Supreme Master
It is not what we call ourselves or are titled. It is how we feel about it. Humility doesn’t come with a very humble title; it comes from within. When we realize that we are all children of God, and we and the Father are One, that is where true humility begins. ..(more)
01263_V0337 It is You Who Blessed Yourself
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: Most of us use our intelligence at the brain level, the habitual level, the preconceived-ideas style of dealing. We don't use the direct response, the ultimate Wisdom, which controls all things in the universe and ..(more)
01269-V0341 Be Both Practical and Spiritual
Holy actually should mean”whole”, to be “wholesome,”a “whole”being; them we must have everything. We should develop all sides, all the way round. Then we should , as well, take care of our business, be successful in life, but be wise and holy inside at the same ..(more)
01270_V0343 Be One with God's Wisdom
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: The Light inside, the Light of the extreme intelligence, is without shadow and substance; that's why we can hardly see it with our eyes. Even if sometimes we see it with the Wisdom, which doesn't need eyes, we still ..(more)
01275-V0346 We Must Find Our Real Self
Q: If a person is devoted to the their religion, say Christianity or Buddhism, would it be necessary to receive initiation and practice the Quan Yin method? Can he find the hidden true self through their own religions? M: Oh, if you can, then you ..(more)
01279_V0348 Master's Power Brings Enlightenment
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: Q: Please let me know, what is the end of meditation practice? M: What do you think? Enlightenment. Hah! Hah! The end of it is the outcome, is peace, tranquility, loving, having no desire. Even though we still work ..(more)
01282-V0350 Enlightenment Is the Key Answer to Everything
After enlightenment, you feel that your feelings and your emotions and your affection, and your... everything is very sharp. You know, you realize more that you are truly living beings. Many people fear that maybe after ..(more)
01284_V0352 Enlightenment Is the Key For Everything
There is no difference between a sage and ourselves; only one hair apart, very thin. And when we traverse that, we are there in the circle of sainthood. And if we stay behind, just one hair apart, we are ignorant beings, bowing down to all ..(more)
01287-V0354 To Convince People by Using Magical Powers Is to Interfere with Nature
Many people ask me about the magical power, because people are curious about things that they can't explain, and also about things that they scientifically think "it's impossible." So I told them that "Yes!" These things do exist. But ..(more)
01290_V0356 Let God Serve Through Us
Highlights~ There are two levels in our existence. One is so-called ignorance; the other is enlightenment. And when we step through the border, we come into enlightenment. ..(more)
01291-V0357 Perceive the Truth Through Inner Wisdom
When we see with the inner eye, the brilliant light from heaven, and when we hear the heavenly music from also through the inner hearing faculty. But we would think that what kind of body inside that even have an eye and ears? ..(more)