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00586 The Universal Consulate
Brief Introduction~ We need to prepare ourselves for leaving this world. It does not take money but merits to go back to the ..(more)
00587 The Monks of Costa Rica
Splendid Content~ One Costa Rican young man confirmed that Supreme Master Ching Hai was the Holy Lady he’d been waiting for a long time, and requested to become a monk to follow Master at the lecture ..(more)
00588 Disclosing One's Inner Power
Why is that the Quan Yin Method offers us such a powerful, immediate enlightened result? Because this is our own power, the inborn nature of God or what we call the Buddha nature. We awaken to this inborn nature, this inborn power, our real power. This power we rely on ..(more)
00592 The Importance Of Finding An Enlightened Master
when we see someone always deep in samadhi and so sweet and always smiling and blesses us; we think they are fantastic.It's difficult to experience such deep samadhi even for 1 minute or 5 minutes.Therefore those have achieved this kind of samadhi, this stage of tranquillity ..(more)
00599 Where to Find the Cinta-mani
Why do humans have so many sufferings? Why do we still feel lacking something, even if we have lots of money, very high status and a comfortable life? Supreme Master Ching Hai points out that it’s because we haven't found the inner happiness or treasure. Our inner ..(more)
00600 The Method Of Acquiring Merit
The Guan Yin Method is the best method; it is the method to become Buddha, and the method to get liberation in one lifetime. But many people do not want to learn the Guan Yin ..(more)
00601-1 The Final Method
Highlights: According to the requirements and spiritual foundation of all sentient beings, Shakyamuni Buddha taught many meditation ..(more)
00601-2 A Master Who Reprimands Disciples
Highlights: Supreme Master Qing Hai tells a story about an Indian master who was famous for scolding his disciples. Whatever his disciples thought, he knew it ..(more)
00608 Lecture In Prison~Victim of the Age
Highlights: Supreme Master Qing Hai pays a personal visit to Hua Lian Prison, and encourages the inmates to have more patience. Master says: when time is up, problems will be solved by themselves, it doesn’t help if ..(more)
00625-V0097 To Nurture The Wisdom One Needs An Enlightened Master
Humans have two types of knowledge: one is acquired and the other is our natural gift. The former is called intelligence, knowledge or memory, which means that we can acquire and collect materials that have been discovered by others; the latter is called ..(more)
00626 The Secrets of The Mind
Highlights: Everything is created by the mind: we are what we think. The thoughts of most non-practitioners, however, are in a mess with greed, anger, illusion, competition, hatred, etc, which will create a kind of electricity or atmosphere around us and ..(more)
00648_V0104 Lecture In Sao Paulo, Brazil
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: Jesus Christ said, “If two or three people gather in my name, I will be with them.” He meant that if a group of people with the same ideals, the same goals sit together, the power generated will be very great. Not only ..(more)
00656-V0105 How To Get In Touch with God Everyday
Highlights~ Saints always encourage people and emphasize that people should be enlightened and get in touch with the Kingdom of God, with the God-power. We can do so during this lifetime; it is not necessary to wait until we die to go through the ..(more)
00657 God is All Love, Compassionate, All Forgiveness and All Graces
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: God is the Light, God is the Word, the Word is the Light, and the Light is also the Word; if we contact with this Light or this Word of God, then we are in contact with God. And from the pull of this Light and Word ..(more)
00683 The Original Source Of All Things
Highlights~ Do you want to know how the human body is made? Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed that everything is made from light. Light of the higher worlds has certain degree of intelligence; it’s not ..(more)