02020-V0988 The Palace of God
02020-V0988 The Palace of God
No. 02020-V0988
Category / Master and Disciple-Retreat
Event date / 2007.02.26
Place / Hsihu, Formosa
Language / English
Time (mins) / 50m16s
Publication No. / DVD-988
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  • Summary

This body is the Lord’s temple where the jewel of knowledge is revealed. Supreme Master Ching Hai quotes Guru Nanak‘s teaching to remind us, “The way to the palace of Light is through the human body, the mosque of the living God…”

We need the human body to practice the Quan Yin Method. Our human birth is thus a very precious opportunity, and we should make use of any seconds of life to elevate our spiritual status. Only if we practice well can we move ahead and leave our karma behind.