M038B Loving the Silent Tears (The Musical) Live Cast Recording
M038B Loving the Silent Tears (The Musical) Live Cast Recording
No. M038B
Category / The Supreme Master's Music, The Supreme Master's Poetry
Event date / 2012.10.27
Place / (USA) Los Angeles, CA
Time (mins) / 1h18m05s
Publication No. / DVD-1010
Related Video/Audio/ Video-1010(1~4) Loving The Silent Tears The Musical, M038A Loving the Silent Tears (The Musical) Original Cast Recording
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In commemoration of the 19th Anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, a musical based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Silent Tears poetry collection, Loving the Silent Tears, premiered on October 27, 2012 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, USA. On one of North America’s largest stages of its kind, the audience was taken on a journey in search of inner peace to 16 countries across six continents, through the artistry of the world's best performers.

May each one find his peace.

  1. I Will Forever Love You (instrumental)
  2. Overture
  3. Never Set Foot/ 從不進門/ Xin Ngài Viếng Thăm
  4. The Inner Master/ 內在明師/ Sư Phụ Toàn Tri
  5. Accept Me the Way I Am/ 請接受我一切的好壞/ Cầu Xin Chấp Nhận Con
  6. Make a Deal/ 做一項交易/ Đổi Trao
  7. Singing Praise/ 讚歎/ Ca Tụng
  8. Your Eyes, Your Ears, Your Heart/ 您的眼、您的耳、您的心/ Mắt Thầy, Tai Thầy, Tim Thầy
  9. No Place for You/ 找不到地方給您/ Không Còn Chỗ
  10. Monkey Mind/ 心猿意馬/ Thần Lực Biến Cải
  11. Talking to a Stone Buddha/ 與石頭佛談心/ Chuyện Trò Với Phật Đá
  12. The World Is a Whirlpool/ 世界像漩渦/ Thế Giới Thẳm Sâu
  13. Eternal Game/ 永恆的遊戲/ Trò Cút Bắt
  14. All Love, All Forgive/ 願眾生得享聖愛與寬恕/ Từ Bi Hỷ Xả
  15. Initiation/ 印心/ Truyền Tâm Ấn
  16. Between the Master and I/ 師父與我/ Tình Vô Giá
  17. Truth, Ego, Soul and Blessings/ 真理、我執、靈魂與加持力/ Chân Lạc Phúc
  18. A Real Fool/ 真正的傻瓜/ Kẻ Ngờ Nghệch
  19. Enlightenment/ 開悟/ Nơi Giác Ngộ
  20. Loving the Silent Tears/ 珍愛沈默的眼淚/ Mến Yêu Giòng Lệ Âm Thầm
  21. Take Each Other's Hand/ 請執手相握/ Hãy Nắm Tay Nhau
  22. Bonus: Talking to a Stone Buddha(Supreme Master Ching Hai)/ 特別收錄:與石頭佛談心(清海無上師)/ PHẦN THÊM: Chuyện Trò Với Phật Đá (Thanh Hải Vô Thượng Sư)

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